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2014 Summer Training Workshop on the Relationship Between
National Security and Technology in China

August 4–10, 2014
UC San Diego
La Jolla, California

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2014 application for students

2014 application for faculty, private sector, government, and U.S. Dept. of Defense

Project SITC's summer training course at UC San Diego is open to advanced graduate students, junior faculty, and early- to mid-career analysts and provides a comprehensive overview of the development,  linkages, and roles  that science, technology, and innovation play in China’s national security. The workshop examines the relationship between national security, technology, innovation, and China’s rise as a world power. Of central interest is how China is mobilizing and applying its economic, political, strategic, corporate, financial, intellectual, and scientific capabilities in conjunction with leveraging external resources to achieve its grand ambition of catching up technologically with the world’s advanced powers within the next 1–2 generations.

Course Content

Topics include:

  • The historical relationship between security and technology in China
  •  Chinese grand strategic thinking on technology and security
  • The political economy of security and technology
  •  The reform of the defense industry
  • Integration between the civilian and defense economies
  • The nature and structure of the Chinese national innovation system
  • Military end-user drivers in shaping technology innovation
  •  China’s technology modernization efforts in comparative perspective
  • Prospects for China’s technological catching up
  • Methodological approaches and analytical tools in examining the relationship between Chinese science, technology, innovation and security

The workshop concludes with a two-day conference on the role of personalities, talent, and the human capital base in Chinese defense science, technology, and and industrial development.

This course is part of the Project on the Study of Innovation and Technology in China (Project SITC), an  IGCC initiative on understanding China’s emerging science and technology capabilities.

For more information about the workshop, please contact Christine Burns.